January 22, 2017

Upgrade Your CX with Powerful Analytics


Gone are the days when a customer satisfaction survey was our only way to collect feedback. Today, we have hundreds of channels of interaction across various technology platforms. Often, customers talk, write, or message without realizing the impact of their words. In fact, they call, email, chat, tweet, and share information faster than ever before, unknowingly producing invaluable insight that, unfortunately, most companies miss.

So the question is, how can you stay ahead of the curve and actually listen to what they have to say?

Until recently, most forms of organic feedback, such as voice recorded calls, casual forum comments, or random social mentions were impossible to catch. Especially when customers span regions, languages, and dialects. But now, with the introduction of sophisticated technologies, it’s possible to “hear” customers across every channel, in any language, and infer crucial meaning.

Our technology platforms make it simple to gather data from every source, and then determine customer demographics, buying history, and brand sentiment. Then, we segment, analyze, and interpret to make predictions, drive performance, gauge perception, and uncover trends.

What’s more is that we give you real-time access to tools and dashboards that empower you to engage with your customers, maximize positive feedback, transform negativity, and truly influence your audience.

In the past, many transcription and coding tools struggled to process anything other than English, especially languages with as much colloquial complexity as Arabic. But with our solutions, we easily make sense of any language and tabulate the results alongside all of your other language channels so you can see overall meaning and understand what your customers want.

With both out-of-the-box and customizable solutions, we have options suitable for any scale operation and budget. Get started today to learn more about the powerful ways we can help you connect with customers.