Social Customer Service

Let us take over all of your social response, engagement and analysis. We capture consumer behaviour and deliver customized reports and recommendations.

Let us take over all of your social response, engagement and analysis. We capture consumer behavior and deliver customized reports and recommendations based on our expertise in the market.


Reputation management

By actively monitoring your social channels, we can quickly respond to your customer’s tweets, inquiries, comments, and shares online. Our digital specialists are able to respond positively to any negative sentiment, helping to stunt brand damage before it spreads.


Handling your social customer service is more critical than ever.  The growth in the number of social interactions will continue to grow drastically, and if your marketing department is still handling this task without the right tools, service levels or skilled resources, you’re putting your brand reputation at risk.


Gulf CX not only handles and supports all your social channels, we route interactions and prioritize them based on client sentiment, number of followers, and friends. We introduce workflows, escalations and analytics to optimize and deliver amazing social customer experiences across all channels.


This intelligent technology coupled with highly trained social care agents who can build personal relationships, understand emotions, and turn angry customers to advocates of your brand are our foundation for social care.


While social care is at the core of our service delivery mechanism, we also support your marketing department to identify optimal times to publish content, based on our extensive social analytics. Our digital marketing agents will have access to your creative content and schedule publishing using our tools.


Once the content has been delivered, the digital specialist then engage with all the feedback and interactions based on these marketing initiative, transcending from social marketing to social community management. A highly engaged audience results in stronger loyalty and improves brand sentiment.


Social Customer Service

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