Sales Lead Generation

We partner with your sales team to proactively generate leads using multiple channels and technologies.

We partner with your sales team to proactively generate leads using multiple channels and technologies. Our platforms allow us to engage with customers immediately, transitioning seamlessly so your customer never feels a glitch in the process. We’ll help turn questions or comments into tangible sales and help build achievable targets to enhance your sales efforts.




Consider us your marketing managers when it comes to delivering your telemarketing, social or geo-marketing campaigns. We can target specific segments based on intelligent, fact-driven marketing research, or design widespread campaigns to generate interest in larger audiences.


Converting contacts into potential leads is the key initial milestone for growing your business. Not only can we process thousands of contacts each day, we also schedule appointments with your sales team or our own internal team to convert leads into potential sales.


By removing the headache of this process for you, you’re left with only actionable tasks that actually convert leads to sales. Our channel reach via voice, IVR blasting, email, social media and full campaign management help our agents use guided scripts and conversion tactics to ensure a successful campaign.


Our predictive dialer and CRM optimize this whole process so we save time and utilize our agents for the important tasks only: conversion. We understand and deliver both B2C and B2B lead generation campaigns, so we also know how to maximize contact ratios and focus on pitching and training to get you confirmed appointments or qualified leads.


We focus on a natural negotiations and sales training model that is supportive, informative, and helpful to customers, so they never feel pressured.
Best of all, our clients pay a minimum base fee and the rest is dependent on successful conversion.

Our success is ultimately tied to your financial success, so this partnership approach using incentive based business model produces a win-win strategy.




Sales Lead Generation
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Sales Lead Generation

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