February 13, 2017

Host your CX in the Cloud


Contact centre technology has come a long way over the years. The digital revolution has removed the need for clunky hard phones, server rooms full of wires and equipment, and debilitating storage limitations. Yet many companies are still relying on outdated, expensive service providers to connect them to their customers.

Gulf Customer Experience (Gulf CX) incorporates a variety of technologies to ensure every customer is able to integrate and optimize processes. But the cornerstone of the toolkit is its omnicloud contact centre solution through Genesys, one of the Middle East’s leading software solution providers.

Each of Gulf CX’s powerful technology tools integrate with Genesys across all contact channels, ensuring a seamless experience for end-users. The omnichannel solution allows Gulf CX contact centre representatives to engage with, respond to, and support customers via voice, social, email, SMS, chat, and Web support, from one central location.

Better User Experience
The combination of technologies and high service standards means end-users receive a truly seamless experience every time they interact with any of Gulf CX’s brands. Because all of their profiles are linked in one interface, end users don’t have to provide redundant information and will never risk falling through the cracks.

Improved Efficiency
When companies outsource their contact centre and support functions to Gulf CX, they are able to reduce costs significantly while improving efficiency. With the cloud platform, businesses receive unlimited storage capacity of call recordings, records, and critical data that is remotely accessible from anywhere in the world. There is no longer a reliance on internal infrastructure to buy or manage – rather everything is housed in the cloud so it can be digitally maintained.

Transparent Pricing
Gulf CX offers flat monthly rates for its fully managed, high-availability services. With easily customization options, contact centre operations can be launched and fully functional in no time. What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about data centres, connectivity issues, or outages. And since everything is instantly backed up, you’ll never risk losing data, time, or customers from technology glitches. Additionally, the Gulf CX platform integrates with any CRM, ERP and payment gateway, so you won’t have to invest in new technologies or tools to be operational.

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