October 5, 2016

Gulf CX signs accord with UAE consultancy 


5 October, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain:

Gulf Customer Experience (Gulf CX), the new leader in Digital Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the GCC, has announced its partnership agreement for contact center outsourcing with Freehold Mediation and Information (FMI), the UAE’s leading real estate consulting company.

Under this partnership agreement,  Gulf CX and FMI shall be launching a media campaign using  a voice, email and social channels targeting real estate investors, stakeholders and property- related parties on the best  real estate investment methods and means to solve any relevant problems.

During the 2009 global financial crisis, FMI emerged as the only provider of consultancy and mediation solutions for real estate owners with on-hold investments. As real estate development projects and investment opportunities were abandoned at alarming rates, FMI stepped in to help mediate, counsel, and connect investors to valuable investment resolutions. They have since helped thousands of investors worldwide resolve on-hold issues, saving them valuable time and money.

“Providing an efficient method to support FMIs increasingly large client base was of utmost importance to us,” says Gulf CX CEO Rami Sweis. “We developed a custom solution that streamlines the appointment scheduling and registration process for FMI customers, allowing FMI to focus on their core: consultancy and mediation.”

For his part, FMI CEO Hamad Qasemi  said, “appointment scheduling and coordination is vital to FMI’s core business as we have been accommodating  requests from thousands of investors who are in need of answers. Our relationship with Gulf CX allows us to outsource a critical component of our business that was slowing us down. Under this agreement with Gulf CX, we’re able to increase the number of investors we work with, and tackle their issues with even more care and attention,” Qasemi said. “Over AED 500 million of on-hold investments have registered with FMI so far.  Gulf CX is largely contributing to this milestone. We look forward to the continued successful partnership especially in the next phase.”

FMI’s unique model provides investors with an in-depth market research report and proprietary 3+ Market study, detailing important information that is specific to each investment and corresponding underlying issues. These results equip investors with all the information they need in order to seek resolution on their investment, including settlement, litigation, or asset relocation.