February 27, 2017

Gulf CX February News Update


The question I get asked all the time from investors, CX executives, potential clients and even our partners is “how important is having the outsourcing/customer experience partners close to their clients?” Perhaps my experience building the first BPO in Jordan over ten years ago,  serving the GCC, and operating Gulf CX today in Bahrain, KSA and UAE can serve as case studies as to why it is more important than ever to be physically close to our clients.

Customer experience and business processes / capabilities outsourcing has become much more complex and requires a partner with characteristics of innovation, advisory, analytics and specialization.  In simple terms, we need to interact with the whole organization rather than simply own a process. Everyone is responsible for CX and therefore everyone is involved. By choosing a partner that is closer to you, whether onshore or nearshore, you eliminate considerable risk of outsourcing strategy failure.

Putting aside other advantages, we are also able to better engage users through cultural alignment, dialect, slang, and colloquialisms, which is even more relevant today especially the use of social channels. It’s safe to say offshoring is only relevant for voice call centers, not for omni-channel customer experience centers. From the first month of 2017, non-voice interactions for the first time have surpassed voice interactions accounting to over 51% globally.

Visit our website to find out more about the various ways we’re able to stay close and partner with you to serve your customers. We thrive on your feedback, so please start a conversation, ask a question, or visit us to learn more.

Rami Sweis, CEO
Gulf Customer Experience