February 1, 2017

Gulf CX Completes Training for Its New Saudi Contact Center Team in Khobar


Only 30 minutes away from its regional headquarters in Bahrain, Gulf CX graduated its first Saudi contact center team completing customer service excellence and advanced sales training. The training conducted in Khobar is in-line with plans for Gulf CX to support its client base in the Eastern province. “Our success in launching in KSA is based on a structured approach, where we capitalized on the proximity of Bahrain to support KSA both operationally and technically on one hand, and on the other hand our clients gain access to a multi-site CX centers for business continuity and for a commercially attractive blended onshore and nearshore offering.” Rami Sweis, CEO of Gulf CX stated at the graduation ceremony. Part of the training of the Saudi team includes a 2 day training at Gulf CX Bahrain facility where interaction between the Bahrain and Saudi teams is included in the program. Gulf CX is also exploring having an exchange program for up to 2 months for team members serving specific sectors from both countries to work at the different site, which Gulf CX believe will scale the agents skills and increase agent retention rates.

Growing interests in the travel, transportation and logistics sectors have caused more and more companies to centralize support in order to provide customers with consistently great customer experiences. While many of our Saudi clients choose to outsource their CX operations to Bahrain for its attractive cost savings and fully aligned cultures, we’ve been able to build flexible, profitable price models, even when keeping workforce within the Saudi Kingdom.

In certain industries such as transportation and logistics, it’s important to learn and recognize points of interests, landmarks and addresses, and no one can do it better than a local. This is part of the reason why we chose to have our agents here in Khobar to serve one of the largest transportation clients in the Kingdom. Even with disruptive fleet monitoring technologies and detailed maps such as Google Maps, we don’t see such tools replacing the local experienced people but rather complementary at this stage and in such a country as Saudi Arabia where some fast food chains still rely on the water meter number to locate the address of a house or building.

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