April 4, 2017

Gulf CX Becomes Genesys’ GCC Cloud Partner


You’re probably already aware of the countless benefits of cloud-based solutions, from user experience to improved efficiency to affordable pricing. But not all cloud hosting providers are created equal. That’s why, after diligent research, Gulf CX was pleased to represent Genesys as its GCC partner.

Genesys powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year and is the only company recognized by top industry analysts as a leader in both cloud and on-premise customer engagement solutions. They’re also ranked as the #1 customer experience platform to orchestrate seamless omni channel customer journeys and build lasting relationships.

When selecting a cloud vendor, it was important to Gulf CX that its platform could seamlessly integrate with various client systems, both big and small. Many of its customers were either unhappy with their outdated systems, or were looking to invest in new technology, so timing was critical. Ultimately, Gulf CX chose Genesys because it’s track record in customer engagement and business optimization.

Other perks:

  • On-premises, hybrid, and full-cloud options: Regardless of your needs, Gulf CX can customize a platform that will work for you
  • Real time insights – access your data at anytime, from anywhere – continuously synced front and back-off data is readily accessible so you can gain insight into your customer journeys any time you want
  • Complete automation – understand every interaction to improve productivity, lower operational costs, and employer employees with automated quality management tools
  • Increased workforce efficiency – because all communication platforms are integrated, forecasting and scheduling agents becomes incredibly easy and accurate. Save money by optimizing workforce so a great customer experience is always available

Find out more about how Gulf CX can save you time and money with its cloud CX solutions.