February 23, 2017

Touchpoint Mastery


Do you know where all your customers are at this very moment? The answer is that every one of them is sat on one of your touchpoints – but what have you done to ensure they are truly having a great experience of your product or service at these touchpoints?

Touchpoints are any moments of interaction that customers – and potential customers – have with your business. They can be active touchpoints where customers are actually dealing with you in some way or physically using your products – or they can be passive touchpoints where someone sees one of your branded assets (an advert, store or delivery vehicle for example) and is reminded that they own one of your products.

These are all touchpoints. But they are also moments where the customer is making a decision on whether they want to continue / advance their relationship with you – or not!

Delivering great overall experiences for customer is what every business wants to achieve. And while the design of appropriate customer journeys is important and frequently gets much attention, it’s the many moments of interaction – or touchpoints – that a customer has with your business that will make or break the overall experience.

For it’s at these touchpoints where your experiences are delivered, customer decisions are made, and (hopefully) your revenues are created. Unfortunately, it’s frequently these touchpoints that are under-developed and fail to deliver the potential value to your business that they could.

Touchpoint Mastery is a process to help you ensure that every touchpoint where you interact with customers is owned by a specific individual within your business who has the responsibility to explore for new ways to improve that touchpoint.

This encourages some of your experienced employees (who may not normally be involved in the design and development of customer experiences) to become more engaged with how the customer experiences the part of your business where they work. It enables them to interrogate and explore their touchpoint from a wide number of fresh perspectives to identify innovative, yet practical, ways to make beneficial changes.

It’s a great way to make employees more customer-centred within your business as well as training them to think creatively about key business issues. For more information on how your wider team can become Touchpoint Masters, please get in touch with us.